The best Tips to Clean Your Car


Nobody likes a dirty car but nobody really likes having to clean it either. These handy tips should help you keep your car in ship shape condition so take note:

  1. Dirty Vents? Use a small, cheap paint brush to get in and clean them, after all you don’t want a blast of dusty air the next time you turn them on.
  2. Vacuum and dust at the same time. We know you aren’t an Octous but holding the vacuum nozzle where you are dusting will stop you simply moving dust from one area of your car to the other.
  3. Take a rubbish bag and clear every piece of junk and rubbish from your car. Go around the entire car and remember to slide the seats back and forward to ensure you get every last bit.
  4. Get the toothbrush out to get right into little awkward to reach areas, use a little soap water to clean up you upholstery too.
  5. If you have leather on the dashboard you can use a little olive oil to polish, condition and rejuvenate it.
  6. If you have a dog a great way to get rid of the hair left behind on seats is by using a fine water spray and a squeegee. This makes the hair clump together as you wipe making it a lot easier to remove.
  7. Seams are always a nightmare to rid of crumbs so go at them with a fine brish or tooth brush, use the vacuum to stop the crumbs from settling elsewhere.
  8. Rather than just throwing out old door mats, give them a new lease of life by either spraying them with stain remover and giving them a run through the washing machine or scrubbing them with upholstery cleaner.
  9. If you find your wipers aren’t performing well don’t give up hope. Give the blades a good wipe down and clear out all the accumulated much for a better performance.
  10. If you are struggling to get unfortunate bugs off your grill you can use dryer sheets which have been soaked in warm water to remove them effectively.

These are just 10 sneaky tips that can help you to keep the interior and exterior of your car looking fresh and clean.

Rather than making it a huge job you can also break it up int little jobs every so often to stop things building up. Keep a small bag in the boot with some essential items so you can do the odd bit here or there whenever you have a spare minute.

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