Drive the Land of Oz


Australia welcomes thousands of visitors to its sunny shores every year and beaus eof the vast distances you will need to travel to get between some towns, driving is one of the best options available to you.

Internal flights can be the quick and easy option for getting from A to B in Australia with some great deals available but if you want to really experience Australia, the road is the best option for you.

Having the opportunity to see so much more of the country is a great option and you will also have the freedom to make unscheduled stops when the feeling hits you.

Rental cars are easy to find and you might want to spend a little bit extra to get something special because Australia has some of the best roads in the world that will bring the inner driver in you out.

Driving holidays are something that are growing in popularity with many people travelling to the US to ride their famous routes but Australia is fast becoming an exciting destination.

Even if you aren’t keen on a driving holiday, making the most of any journey by car you may be making will give you a far more enjoyable holiday.

Here are a few of the best roads that Australia has to offer and we would recommend you taking the time to enjoy.

Gormanston Road, Tasmania

This famous road that leads out of Queenstown is famous for its many twists and turns. Winding its way through the mountainous west coast of Tasmania, it is a popular stretch for those looking to test their skills and their car.

Macquarie Pass, New South Wales

Macquarie Pass in New South Wales is a drivers dream. If you are an inexperienced driver you may want to give this one a miss as the route is known for being the location of some quite serious accidents. With hair pin bends, narrow roads and cliff like drop offs it is no wonder some people have come a cropper here!

Gold Coast 600 Street Circuit Queensland

If you have ever had the dream of one day becoming a professional driver then heading to Queensland’s Gold Coast 600 Street Circuit will be an essential stop off on your list.
You can either visit when the V8 Supercar street racing is on and watch some of the worlds best drivers or take to the streets yourself when the race is on. It is worth baring in mind that you won’t have the same freedom to tear up the tarmac but at least you can experience the ‘course’.

Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Adelaide Hills, South Australia is already famous in the world of driving for the Classic Adelaide tarmac rallies as well as some great cycling competitions. With countless routes to take, each one as enjoyable as the last, it is little wonder that this area is so popular among drivers who want to enjoy great roads with beautiful scenery.

Holiday makers and natives are starting to see what Australia’s roads have to offer but before you pack your suitcase can we suggest one last thing for you. Have a good search about for the best car rental deals before settling on one, we were also lucky enough to find an Avis discount code at Groupon¬†which saved us a bit more money. The way we see it is the more you save, the more you can put in the tank and the more of Australia you will see.




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