Baku to Basics for the F1


The weekends latest thrilling Grand Prix in Baku was as crammed full of talking points as you could have hoped but it has also thrown up a lot of questions about the future of racing here.

For Daniel Ricciardo it was obviously a great day as the Red Bull man came in first ahead of Valtteri Bottas who pipped rookie Lance Stroll to second. Stroll wasn’t to disappointed though as his first podium finish made him the youngest rookie in F1 history to achieve this.

Those were the heros but it was Hamilton and Vettel that grabbed the headlines after an altercation which saw Vettel hit with a 10 second penalty. After becoming frustrated with Hamilton who he felt was break checking him (Hamilton was later cleared of this) he pulled along side him and unbelievably rammed him.

This crazy loss of control effectively cost Vettel the chance to win with Hamilton later dropping back because of faulty cushioning.

The race itself was exciting and produced a podium which nobody could have predicted but it was the course which seemed to be the biggest issue.

With the safety car being frequently seen as inexperienced stewards attempted to clear the track of debri it calls into question the suitability of the location. Drivers seemed to find the tight corners trickier than usual resulting ion damage to cars and the offending debri on the track.

That being said it was a greta day for┬áDaniel Ricciardo who delighted his fans at the end by performing his customary ‘Shoey’ celebration that sees him drinking his winners Champagne from his sweaty boot. It would also seem that Lance Stroll was not a fan as he joined in and was clearly disgusted and even complained at dirt in the boot.

A great spectacle but one to forget for Hamilton and especially Vettel who will have to reign in his behaviour in future or face further sanctions.

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