Australian Stereotype Halts Driverless Cars


Nobody likes a stereotype of their own country so when comes along and gets right in the way of technological advances it is a bit of a kick in the teeth. That’s right, bloody Kangaroos are holding back the development of driveless tech in Australian cars.

Probably Australias most famous animal beside the humble Koala, the Kangaroo is proving to be an issue for mechanics at Volvo. The Swedish car builder has reported that their technology finds it difficult to judge the distance between the car and the animal when the ‘Roo is mid hop.

As you can imagine, technology that reads the creature as being further away when air bound could potentially be very dangerous so nailing this problem down is essential if this technology is going to be succesful in Australia.

In a week when Dubai announced driveless cars with technology capable of spotting and identifying suspects, this could prove to be quite embarassing unless something can be done to fix the issue.

Of course not everyone is ovely enamoured with the idea of driverless cars and it would take quite a lot for the general public to throw its trust full behind the idea.

Dubai embracing the technology comes hot on the heells of their announcement of an automated ‘police officer’ which can also relay images and recognise suspects. Although this technology isn’t exactly Robocop it is a clear sign that some countries are looking to embrace technology to help them in any way that they can.

It is something that we are excited to see and to be honest, this could also have been an issue for deer bounding across the road and it is better to encounter these issues before there is a big roll out. Identifying potential problems and coming up with solutions before any launch will always be good news for the consumer even if it is sometimes painted in a negative way.


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