Michelin’s Vision of the Future


When we talk about the future of cars it is difficult to escape the classic ‘flying car idea but Michelin have been thinking outside the box.

As one of the worlds biggest tyre suppliers you would imagine any image of the future that they have would continue to have a need for tyres. That might be why they veered away from the flying car idea but what they have come up with looks like it might spell the end, or at least a very different path for the tyre industry.

Their idea would see the creation of airless, 3D printed tyres. The idea is that as the tread wears down you simpy print more onto the tyre.

As with any “concept” idea be it in technology, fashion or other sectors there has to be a bit of a suspencison of belief to get onboard with the idea but there is definitely something in this.

As 3D printing becomes more affordable and the technology around it gets better we are seeing everything from toys and household items to houses themselves being built.

If people had the option to print their own tyres, that wouldn’t puncture and could be maintained easily enough it would definitely be popular.

As we said, because it would then take the reliance on the company away it doesn’t really strike us as great business to create a product that someone can buy once and then be set for life so it is pretty unlikely.

Whether we see some kind of modified take on the idea only time can tell. In the meantime we can enjoy their great video and get back to thinking about flying cars!


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